Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Black cat bass.

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A bass was made for me in a project with Excite Music x ESP.

After the meeting in July the completed bass is finally here!

I got a bass shaped like a cat!

Isn’t it amazing?!!!

Fulfilling my completely selfish desire, they made it in the shape of a big cat!

The head is in the shape of the tail,
The tail is curved and the end is made to hang.
The ribbon adorning it is handmade too♡

There are also various cats drawn on the fret board.

And, on the body, the cat’s eyes were made to shine!
It’s probably easy to see in a dark place.

On the boy’s backside the shape of a fish is hidden.

It was made all the way from choosing the wood and whittling it,
It was made by being particular to details such as the sound and look.

It’s a one of a kind in this world special bass!

I’m super happy.

To Yuna-chan who was in charge of my bass,
and to the students of ESP,
and also Excite Music who chose Draft King for this wonderful project
thank you very much.

You can check out the manufacturing process of the instruments and the an interview here.
Excite Music × ESP

Since it is in the special shape of a cat. it’s pretty hard to handle but,
look forward to the live which I decide to display it at!

Tomorrow is the Shibuya VISION live!

Draft King’s appearance is a bit early at 17:00~, come and visit.

I’m excited and nervous to place here for the first time.


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