Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Job-well-done party.

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Yesterday we had a late one man job-well-done party with the staff and band members for the oneman.

Because of the season it felt a bit like an end of the year party.

We got together at eel restaurant where MAO works part-time,

and we ate a lot of eel together
(I cant eat eel so I had a scrambled egg donburi. Lol)

The second gathering was karaoke.

Of course we sang Draft King’s “Abracadabra”!

erica is good at singing so its unfair and,
SHIHO-san drank too much as usual.

MAO and I enjoyed ourselves with karaoke cosplay. Lol

Since the high school uniform had a Sailor Moon feel to it, I was singing Sailor Moon. Lol

And this is me enthusiastically singing my beloved Amuro Namie’s songs, live and perfectly copied ver. Lol

Haah,, it was fun.

Borrowing a bit of strength from the sake,
saying what I wanted to say, talking about my big dreams, laughing with each other,
those times are important.

We still have lives this year and there are a lot of things I want to do but Ill still do my best heading towards next year.


On the way back I ate ramen and double-scoop ice cream.

Even though I went to two places, the ramen restaurants weren’t empty and in the end it was a convenience store ramen.

Even so the late night ramen was of course delicious.


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