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11/3 Aichi University Sasashima Festival.

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Aichi University Sasashima Festival
thank you very much!

It was Draft King’s first live at a school’s festival.

Schools are fun after all.

The power of students during a school festival is the best.

I thought that I would always be in the same generation as students but,
before I knew it I had become 26,,

so I cant same I’m in the same generation as them. Lol

When I asked at today’s live “People who are 26??” there were crickets. Lol

Halted by reality.. Lol

But my heart will always be seventeen. Lololol

With everyone from the executive committee.

Thank you for making such a great live with us.

Each and every one of your considerations made me really happy.

I also met a mystery swaying character. Lol

Since I was jealous of the bracelets everyone was wearing at the venue,
I wore a lot of shining bracelets during the encore!
You can see one on around my stomach in the picture. Lol

Whether it was intentional, or a coincidence,
all the giraffe colored bracelets really shined in the open air live.

Thank you for the shining!

I also saw the people in orange towards the back doing a wotagei dance. Lol
I wanted to dance too. Lol

I think there were a lot of people today who saw Draft King for the first time but,
I’ll be happy if we meet again somewhere.

Come and visit us at a live again!


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