Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Um, hey, hey.

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Preparations are steadily progressing as we head toward the Tour Final at Shibuya WWW!

At the tour final,

★America-exclusive T-shirt sale★

The limited edition T-shirt we sold at the America live in July is going to be on sale.

The limit is 60 shirts!

The sizes are S / M / L / XL
and the price is 2,000.

It’s a cool design that any Draft King fan would recognize at a glance.

They’re made in American size so their bigger.

I can wear the large size and get kind of a one piece feeling.

We’ll be starting the early sale from 17:00 on the day of the live!

Before the live, equip yourself with T-shirts and towels, that way we can have even more fun!


★Twitcast Live Broadcast★

For the people who definitely cant come to the live,
we have decided to make a live Twitcast from the Tour Final at Shibuya WWW!

We will be broadcasting from this account.

Draft King Twitcast

10/22 (Thursday) 19:00~21:00(※Scheduled)

Even if you cant come to Shibuya WWW, let’s have fun together!!

Even if it’s only 1 person, I want more people to see Draft King!

Ill be waiting for everyone on 10/22 at Shibuya WWW!

For those of you that cant come, at the Twitcast.

Send me your power.

Two more days until the Tour Final!!!!


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