Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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10/18 Shikoku Broadcast Festival.

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Thank you very much Shikoku Broadcast Festival!

It was Draft King’s first Tokushima live.

The outdoors stage felt great!

There were a lot of people who saw Draft King for the first time but I was so happy that they got so excited together with us.

I’ll do my best so we can come back to Tokushima.

I also had fun watching Becky-san’s live.

With the vocalist from JaaBourBonz!

To tell the truth, he was an acquaintance from the Okinawa age.
It was a fun live as usual!

I’m obsessed with Tokushima ramen!
Toudai is delicious!!!

Yesterday night, after dinner I ate a bunch of things.
The white rice fits well.

It was a two day Tokushima trip

I ate too much.. Lol


Happy birthday to sake-drinking SHIHO-san!

Don’t drink too much.

Stop disappearing to go drink. Lol


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