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10/13 Shibuya eggman Semi-Final.

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Draft King Record Release tour 2015
~This is me. This is Draft King~

thank you very much eggman!

So many things I love gathered, it was too fun.

the NohaRaji public recording!

Thank you for gathering so early on a holiday.

Because it was at my beloved eggman who is always taking good care of me, the public recording was a success.
Thank you for playing along with my lax high-energy talk. Lol

I also had members of the bands we played with as guests.

Puu-chan from LUI FRONTiC♡
Amipuu from Chelsy♡

It was reassuring seeing them so excited!

The NohaRaji that was recorded at eggman,
will air on this week on Saturday the 17th on FM Nagasaki at about 25:00!
Check it out.


Thank you for getting so excited.
Everyone was so cool,
and with some of my favorite bands to play with, it was fun!

The thing that surprised me the most yesterday was,
HEAD SPEAKER covered Draft King’s Abracadabra at the live!!!

They practiced it in secret!!

It seriously surprised me but,
I was really happy( ; ; )

At such a beloved place, with my favorite friends,
and all of the beloved people who support us,
I was able to have a great time, it really was fun.

I got plenty of power!

The semi-final finished safely,
and the next live is finally the tour final.

Shibuya WWW!

Let’s do it!!

I think the one man at WWW will be Draft King’s next step up.
I also believe that Draft King is able to take on the challenge of WWW because we had eggman.

It’s a place that supported us from the time of our formation, because eggman was there, the current Draft King exists.

That’s why I’m really happy we were able to do the semi-final at eggman.

Draft King will show their all of their full power on 10/22 at the Shibuya WWW Tour Final One Man!!

Since it’s now or never,

I want a lot of people to see Draft King at this moment!!

10/22 Tour Final One Man

I’ll be waiting at Shibuya WWW!!!


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