Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Autumn’s Strength Measurement.

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After finishing a meeting,
I went to eggman to grab a free paper.

It’s part of my routine at the start of every month.

For this month’s Draft King feature,
we did an Autumn Strength Measurement [Contest]!

First year Kirin Class

Second year Kirin Class

Third year Kirin Class

Third year Kirin Class (Repeating)

We’re all wearing uniforms but,
everyone’s personality came out too much. Lol

With this strength measurement we were able to figure out how strong we were but,
they were shocking results,,,, Lol

The results for the Draft King Member Strength Measurement,
can be seen in the October edition of eggman’s free paper!

Draft King’s RT Project RT
Please help us out!


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