Saturday, January 20, 2018
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First try.

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On the day of the 10/13 Semi-Final
at Shibuya eggman

I will be doing

a public NohaRaji recording session!!!!

NohaRaji is,
my, NOHANA’s, regular radio show
that airs every week Satruday at 25:00 on FM Nagasaki.

I’m always quietly recording in the studio but
on this day I will be flying away from the studio
and recording in the live house!

So, the voices of everyone who comes to see us are necessary!

Let’s all have fun together with NohaRaji.

I’m also taking messages!

Send it to this address.

Questions to me, advice, support messages,
quizzes, tongue twister challenges, impersonations,
so on, and so on, annnything is OK!!

We will be giving NohaRaji stickers to the people whose maessages are used!

10/13 at Shibuya eggman,
please come and experience NohaRaji’s relaxed and dangerous feeling. Lol

That NohaRaji is
broadcasting tonight!

FM Nagasaki 25:00~!!

You can listen to it anywhere in the country with the radiko or LISMO WAVE apps!

Listen ok?!!

Draft King RT Project
Please help us out!


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