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9/30 Roppongi morph.

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Draft King Record Release tour 2015 ~This is me. This is Draft King~

Everyone who came to Roppongi morph,
thank you!

Everyone was really lively.

I got a bit too lively myself.

Thankfully I fell in the middle of the live. Lol

Today I had a rare case of nervousness.

But, it was really fun!

We’ll make the tour final on 10/22
a much more enjoyable and special live!

So come and visit everyone!!

The bands we played with

At today’s live were full of wonderful girls so
backstage was very lively .

The cute, cute Rurirori-chan♡

Masaki-chan from Rurirori♡

Renapon from Ganbare! Victory ♡

Girl talk was fun.



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