Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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8/29 Tsushima Sea Route Music Festival.

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Tsushima, thank you!!!

It was my first time in Tsushima.

The kindness of everyone from Tsushima was overflowing..

I was happy that there were people waiting
For Draft King in Tsushima.

The old ladies in front of us
We’re spinning the towel for us,

And the little kids were jumping
And clapping for us

The group of young people were so spirited and,

Everyone who saw Draft King for the first time
Enjoying themselves with Draft King’s music
Gave me such a happy feeling..

The power of music is amazing.

A biwa flavored kakigoori. I ate it for the first time!

I really love Tsushima now.

Thank you very much everyone from Tsushima!

I’ll do my best so
I can come back to Tsushima!

And, today is an in-store live
At the Hakata Station Tower Records!


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