Thursday, February 22, 2018
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24 Hour TV.

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Draft King was allowed to participate
from Nagano in

“24 Hour TV ~Love will Save the World~”

I was happy to be able to be a part of a big
TV program like 24 Hour TV.
Thank you very much.

This year’s theme was “Connecting”

To us, Draft King, that is a “LIVE”

The place called a LIVE,
is when I’m able to spend my time doing
what I love more than anything else
After Draft King was formed, we have continued doing many LIVES.

All the fans we met at LIVES,
all our band friends, the staff,
all my beloved friends I met at such beloved places
I want to continue being connected with everyone
while chasing this big dream together.

And, from now on as well
I want to connect with the people
who come to our lives who I haven’t met before.

Being connected with everyone
Ill be able to become stronger.

From here on out, where ever you are,
stay connected with Draft King!!

Don’t disconnect yourself!

If you don’t give up, your dream will come true.

Believing is the greatest power.

Keep on always taking challenges.


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