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8/21 HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama New City Center.

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Draft King Record Release tour 2015
~This is me. This is Draft King~

Thank you very much to those
of you who came to Saitama HEAVEN”S ROCK.

It was refreshing see a lot of the guests were girls.
All the bands we played with were fun as well.

Thank you for the enjoyable time today!

Today I had ponytails.

It gives me spirit!!

When I was small
I was always a ponytail girl too!

SHIHO-san hiding in the background. Lol

Today I wore “wild” clothes. [Because she’s dressed like Sugi-chan]

Both the top and bottom denim were second hand so they were 390 yen!

I put up some
funny videos on instagram
so take a look. Lol

Tomorrow is a in-store live at the Tokyo Station Tower Records Mini.

There are 2 performances.

Come and see acoustic Draft King too.


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