Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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in Tochigi × My Hometown.

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We went to Tochigi on our campaign!

We got interviewed, did some radio appearances ️

I was really grateful
and happy to be able
to appear in newspapers and the radio in my hometown.

Chasing my dreams, I came out to Tokyo
Appearing on TV, the radio, and newspapers
in my own hometown
is a bit strange..

I had various feelings and,
I was told various things but,
despite all that I still love singing.

That’s why
I was really happy
being able to leave behind footprints like this
as part of my dream(≧∇≦)

Next I want to play a one man LIVE in my hometown.

Ah! During lunch time
I ate my usual meal!
It was really delicious♪
The miso soup was exactly how is in my home so I was surprised Lol

After that, wee had some time so
we went to a haunted house!♪
It was reallllly scary. Lol

SHIHO-san took the lead
and I was sticking really close to her arm but
I was left behind halfway through Lol

That was the scariest part..

Ah! It was fun
Lets go to Tochigi again♪!


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