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8/5 Nagoya ell.SIZE.

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Draft King Record Release Tour 2015
~This is me. This is Draft King~

Everyone who came to Nagoya ell.SIZE,
thank you very much!

It was our first band live in Nagoya in a while.
It was too fun.

Everyone waiting for us is reassuring and
I was also happy being able
to meet plenty of people
who saw us for the first time.

It made me think how much more I want to come to Nagoya!

After that,
SHIHO properly apologized to everyone
from BACK-ON, after drinking to much
with them in America. Lol

I want to play with them again!!

Some miso udon before the live.

After the live,
a quick snack at my beloved Furaibou.

I love Nagoya food.

The next live is at Harajuku ASTRO,
and then Zepp!

Take care of us Tokyo!!


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