Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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The country-wide tour will finally be starting tomorrow!

Today I went to a hometown studio near the hotel.

All four of us were facing each other,
and practiced be just playing our raw sound.

Preparations were perfect!

I want to have fun with every one already!

The tour starts from Osaka.

First is an in store live at the Tower Records Namba Store tomorrow on 8/1.

The day after tomorrow, 8/2, is Shinsaibashi FANJ.

Whether its the acoustic Draft King,
or the live house Draft King,

come and visit!!

The NEW t-shirts have been completed!

They’re stylish and cute♡

You can get them starting on the 8/2 Shinsaibashi FANJ live, so please do!

Alright then, I’ll be waiting at the tour!!!


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