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Full-country tour.

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Bringing along “This is me.”
the country-wide tour will begin in August.

This time it will be centered in live houses
and we will be going to various places all over the country!

There are a lot of places we will be going to for the first time so I’m excited.

Even though summer is just about to begin,
we already have plenty of lives through to fall.

I wan tto meet everyone at lives already!!

Where will you come to meet us?

Draft King Record release tour 2015
~This is me. This is, Draft King~

8/1 (Saturday)
[Osaka] Tower Records Shibuya Konami Store

8/2 (Sunday)
[Osaka] Shinsaibashi FANJ

8/5 (Wednesday)
[Aichi] Nagoya ell.SIZE

8/11 (Tuesday)
[Miyagi] Sendai MACANA

8/12 (Wednesday)
[Tokyo] Shinjuku LOFT

8/16 (Sunday)
[Toyama] MAIRO

8/21 (Friday)
[Saitama] HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama New City Center

8/22 (Saturday)
[Tokyo] Tower Mini Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit
①13:00 ②15:00(Acoustic)

9/3 (Thursday)
[Tokyo] TSUTAYA O-Crest

9/5 (Saturday)
[Saitama] Tower Records Ario Washinomiya Store
①13:00 ②15:00(Acoustic)

9/8 (Tuesday)
[Tokyo] Daikanyama LOOP

9/14 (Monday)

9/15 (Tuesday)
[Nara] Nara NEVER LAND

9/19 (Saturday)

9/21 (Monday・Celebration)
[Yamanashi] Kofu CONVICTION

9/30 (Wednesday)
[Tokyo] Roppongi morph

10/22 (Thursday)
[Tokyo] Shibuya WWW
Final, one man!!

I want everyone to come to the tour final!

There might also be some lives added!

So we can meet a lot of people!!
Ill be waiting at the tour!!


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