Saturday, January 20, 2018
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2 weeks left until “This is me.” goes on sale!

I want it to reach everyone already!
that said, I’ll introduce the contents of the CD.

First press

The jacket has Ochi Yurano-chan’s
melancholy face, bringing out the view of “This is me.”

The coupling song is,
“Chikai no Uta” Acoustic ver.

We very noisily had fun while recording it.
My voice is also in there!!!! Or it should be. Lol

There is also a special DVD in the first press edition!

A documentary of the Tower Records Tour
among other things, it’s a DVD with plenty to see.
It’s really interesting.

Regular edition

Personally, I really like
the Yurayura on this jacket♡
I like the one on the first press edition too but
on the regular edition her face has a cool look she doesn’t show on popteen either.

The coupling is,
“Mayonaka Merry go Round” Acoustic Ver.

I feel like the greatness of the song
really comes out in the acoustic version.
I want everyone to feel the views
that can only be felt on this CD.

And, on the CD this time,
1 of either a single member’s “This is me.” picture or Ochi Yurano’s “This is me.” picture is inside!!

Look forward to which picture you’ll get.
There are also jackpot pictures that are signed among them!

• Also
10/22 (Thursday) Shibuya WWW
a pre-order for the Tour Final One man!

and if you buy it at Tower Records you get another special present!

Tower Records purchase special present
you get a DVD with a music video live of “Okuru Kotoba”!
You can only get it there, its awesome.

The offer will end when they run out so,
please pre-order and get it as fast as possible.

I’ll write about the sound and my thoughts another time.

Wait for it to go on sale!


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