Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Level Girls vol.03
O-WEST, thank you very much!

This was Draft King’s first time as the top batter in a while
but I was happy that a lot
of people came from the beginning.
Thank you.

The 25 minute stage was over before I knew it but
today’s set list had a feeling I liked.

I also got a good look at everyone’s faces
it was fun!!

We were backstage together with Chelsy☺︎

And today I have an important news!!

I, NOHANA, will be starting a regular radio show on FM Nagasaki!!

“Draft King’s NOHANA’s Noharaji”

Every week, Saturday at 25:00~!
The first broadcast is 7/4!

When I say that Noharaji will
begin broadcasting on the airwaves
my heart starts beating and I start feeling a bit scared. Lol

Look forward to it!!

Send some e-mails too!!


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