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Say Hello to: touch my secret

Ready for a band with a dynamic sound featuring two lovely leading ladies and a kickass drummer guy? If so, then you’re ready for touch my secret! A new up-and-coming band, touch my secret features three amazing musicians: Anne (Vo&Gt), Chloe (Ba&Cho), and Louie (Dr). Despite their relatively young ages, this band brings to the scene a dynamic and intense sound that is sure to fire anyone up.

touch my secrets’ members:

Chloe: Bass


Twitter: @ba_Chloe0420

Anne: Vocals & Guitar


Twitter: @F_anne_

Louie: Drums


Twitter: @louiedrum696

Being new on the scene hasn’t prevented this band from going all out. Their first live show was at the SHIBUYA TAKE OFF 7 on March 5th of this year and since then they haven’t stopped! To date, they have performed at a multitude of live shows, performing at least 5 shows a month since they’ve started.

To date it seems the band has made some self-produced CDs that they had for sale at a couple of their live shows, so it seems like an exclusive to those who attend their shows (sorry guys!). In the meantime, we can enjoy the new PV the band has recently released for their song “music.”

As I’ve said before, this band is going to be big—you can tell from this video. Anne shreds it on the guitar, while both she and Chloe provide some amazing vocals. You can really feel the energy and intensity coming from Louie’s drumming. With a quickly growing following on their Twitter page, it’s not hard to see why. This band provides the right energy to get a crowd pumped and going.

Stay tuned for more info on this amazing up-and-coming group.

Official links:

Touch My Secret Homepage
Youtube Channel


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