Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Sold out!

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“Just Say u.r.?”

Thanks to everyone, it has been sold out!

Thank you very much!!

To Draft King, this Cd was the
first proper CD we made.
There are many, many thoughts contained in it.

Everyone who GOT it,
take good, good, care of it.

Just like this,
so Draft King’s music
can reach everyone more and more,
we will continue to give birth to good songs from now on!

Re-reading past entries
is a bit embarrassing but
I put up links for the blogs
that I wrote about “Just Say u.r.?”.

Please read them if you would like.

Those are my real feelings.

“Just Say u.r.?”

“Full songs’ explanation.”

“Just Say u.r.? On sale through out the country!”

『Just Say u.r.?』

Is it just as you say?

I fell like whether its fate, a divination, or something a great person says theres always something you can do to change it.

You can change everything yourself.

Draft King will show you.


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