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The story during the LIVE MC ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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I told this story
during the last LIVE but,,
I want to tell it again here Lol

The story about my favorite bicycle♪

My favorite bicycle is a
pink one I have.

It’s so cute it
has a name..❤︎ *In love* Lol

It’s called

Isn’t it cute??!!!

One day, Pink-chan and I
departed and
I stopped for a moment at a bicycle parking area.

…when I came back three hours later
Pink-chan wasn’t there

I looked but couldn’t find it..

That was a story from
about a year ago.. (u_u)

I forgot a bit about
Pink-chan. Lol

Then!!! Lately,,,
I kept getting called from a number I ddint know
so I tried picking up..

erica “…Yes?”

didn’t know their name, John Doe
“Is this erica-san’s number?”

Erica “…Y-Yes….”

John Doe
“This is…the police.”

…Eh. …Eh?!
Did I do something bad?
I didn’t do anything bad but,,
My…life…is over.
I’m being arrested….

That’s what I thought~
That’s funny isn’t it?!

listening really, really well

Police officer
“We found Erica-san’s bicycle!!!”

That’s what he said!!!

I was really happy
and at the same time really relieved..

I hadn’t done anything bad. Lol

And the, I went to where
Pink-chan was,,

It took 2 hours on bicycle but
I returned home.

A reunion after 1 year ( ຶཽ ˙̫̮ ຶཽ )✧*Shine*
if you believe in it
it’ll come back ♪

Don’t go anywhere anymore ok?
My Pink-chan✨


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