Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Difference of 4 years.。

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Tuesday is here!

Everyone didn’t forget right?

Every Tuesday 24:00~24:30
Is the say of Draft King’s regular radio program on FM FUJI!

It’s radio so,
so I will be talking plenty too!

I don’t speak during the live’s MC so
please listen to my voice on the radio.

Please look forward to tonight’s broadcast as well!

Your thoughts on the program,
questions to the members, things like that

Ill be waiting for everyone’s mail!

Send it from here!


I was speaking with an accent a lot today. [Blog written in Hakata dialect] Or so I thought,

But then I met with a friend from my hometown!

I see, I see.
I’m so simple. Lol

I LOVE dialects♡.


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