Sunday, December 17, 2017
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5/10 TSUTAYA O-Crest.

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Everyone who came to O-Crest, thank you!
Thank you for the hard work of climbing the stairs until the 5th story of Crest!

I’ve been to O-Crest plenty of times to watch lives but,
this was my first time on the performing side of a live there!

Crest’s stage was fun.
I want to play there again!

The In-store Tour Final had just ended but
I was happy that we could do a live on the following day.

I love lives after all,
and I love live houses.

“This guy is a pain..”

lines like that

“Ahh,, this is lame, it looks tough..”

and things like that too,

I can forget all of that will playing a live.
I think it’s a magical place.

It’d be great if Draft King lives could become a place like that for everyone.

A meeting at a stylish café in front of the live house.

I ate pancakes with gusto.


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