Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Intruding Draft Giraffe..❤︎

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When we were going fro one location to the other in a car…
the Draft Giraffe is riding with us too but
sometimes the legs or the feet or something
would seem like it got crushed.
It’s Erica. Lolol


The truth is…
it wasn’t just the Draft Giraffe,
there’s also a cute, cute child giraffe.

You cant see the child giraffe’s face.
Sorry. *Cry*

Often, I get asked by everyone
“What’s with the giraffe?”
I will explain!

Draft King→Dorafuto Kingu→
Dorakin→Doraki…→Dorakirin! [Last one: Draft Giraffe]

Yess! The birth of the Draft Giraffe.!❤︎

The precious Draft Giraffe parent and child..

When everyone meets them
take lots of picture
and touch them a lot ok?


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