Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Early summer.

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Early summer weather began yesterday.

When the seasons change it gives a feeling like something new is starting.

*Heart beating*, *Excited*, *Restless*.

That kind of everyday.

Tonight is television and our regular radio program!

4/28 (Tuesday) 21:00~22:00 BS Sky Perfect “FULL CHORUS ~Music is, a Full Chorus~”

A music program that just began in April with becky-san and Hama Okamoto as the MCs.

We were able to perform on such a wonderful set.
Everyone who can watch Sky Perfect, please do.

Draft King’s regular radio program FM FUJI “Music Spice!” 24:00~24:30

Don’t miss it this night either!
I wont forget either, Ill listen to it in real time!

Please check it out!


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