Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Heading towards the tour final.

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The Tower Records In-store Tour
which started in March
has completed 24 locations throughout the country,
the only one remaining is the Tour Final on 5/9 at Tokyo, Shibuya.

It’s finally here.

We’ve toured the country performing in-store lives in acoustic style but,
we’re doing the Tour Final with a bang in band style!

Since it’s a Final, we’re thinking of playing a lot more songs too.

I truly met a lot of people during this in-store tour.
Meeting everyone, I got plenty of power and energy.
Thank you!

I’ll put that power I got from everyone into the sound at the Tour Final so it will reach you!

Come and see a completely different Draft King than in the acoustic lives!!

5/9 (Saturday)
Tokyo, Shibuya Tower Records B1 CUTUP STUDIO

I’ll be waiting!!!!

Draft King moved around the entire country in a car like this.

(Incidentally this is our pattern A arrangement)


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