Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Kyoto..At Kurumazaki Shrine…

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Before the Tower Records Kyoto LIVE
I went to Kurumazaki Shrine with the members.

There were a lot of names of
famous people that everyone knew!

As for me, I bought a charm
that’s made for entertainers..♪

So Draft King can
climb higher and higher..

I want us to become a band everyone knows about.
And, so we can give
happiness to everyone.

I prayed with those wishes packed in.

I also drew a fortune♪

And somehow I,,,,,
Got “first”!!!!!!!!
It was “Great Luck”!

★The fortune’s contents★
First [ranking] In this time of blessings, without being negligent
please do not forget feelings of gratitude.

That’s what it said.

Ah. Its true.
I cant forget that.
Because I can only do it now..

Draft King is only just now getting started!
So we can reach everyone’s hearts
Ill do my best everyday,,
Thank you everybody for your warm support
please take care of us!!!!!!!



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