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Kashiihama Store, Wakamatsu Store.

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“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015
~With Draft King, Okuru Kotoba will reach the entire country~”


Everyone from the Tower Records Kashiihama Store, thank you very much!

There were a lot of cute little kids who watched us.
Everyone’s claps made me happy too.


Everyone from the Tower Records Wakamatsu Store, thank you very much!

I’m happy we were able to place right in the middle of AEON on a wide stage where a lot of people could see us.

It’s not a place we can come to often but there people who had waited to meet us and there were plenty of new meetings,
While doing the in-store lives I often think to myself that there is meaning in all of the places we go to.

There’s only a bit left in this in-store tour.
It all went by in a flash.

We’ll still keep running through until the Final!


4/20 (Monday) 12:00~15:55
we will be making a live appearance on FM Fukuoka “Raji★gon”!

Everyone in Fukuoka listen to the radio!


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