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Say Hello to: Rick Rack

Rick Rack is a 3-piece girl band from Nara prefecture. The band started out in August of 2013 with only two members: SERINA on guitar and YOU on bass who were both high school students from the same school. Natsuki then officially joined them as their drummer, October of 2013.

The girls’ average age is 17.5 and was just playing together for just about 1 year yet it feels like they were playing for decades.

Let’s get to know Rick Rack!

serina profile
Serina is the youngest among the group. She composes most of the group’s songs.
Birthday : 02/07/1998
Twitter : @s0e2r0i7

you profile
You, the bassist of the group. You composed “Colorful” which they performed on one of their lives at Osaka Muse, September 9, 2014.
Birthday : 04/28/1997
Twitter : @y4o2u8

natsuki profile
Natsuki, the drummer and the onee-chan of the group.
Birthday : 10/29/1995
Twitter : @knchu_rr​

Listen to Rick Rack!

Rick Rick’s 1st Mini album has been number one for several months since it’s release on March 26, 2014 at Hookup Records where indie albums and singles where sold.

1. Ikusen no Deai to Hitotsu no Kiseki

2. Yume oi Baku

3. Umi Tenshi

Rick Rack has participated on several contests too. On August 15, 2013 Rick Rack won the Music Revolution Grand Prix at their district tournament. March 27, 2014 they participated at Kansai’s largest teen contest and won 2nd at “Juudai Hakusho Teen Talent Discovery Project” contest. The group also participated at “Flash Riot 2014” last October 31, 2014 which made them part of the top 10 among thousands who participated. Scandal Mami also picked Rick Rack as her favorite among the participating bands.

This coming May 13, Rick Rack will be releasing their new mini album entitled, “Ima wo Ikinuku Otome Tachi” This mini album includes 6 tracks including YOU’s very own composition entitled “Colorful” and will also be available nationwide and online stores like CDJapan, Amazon and HMV.

Know more about Rick Rack by clicking the following pages below.

Official Links:

Hook UP Records Shop
Serina’s YouTube
Facebook – Fanpage

Rick Rack International Forum:

Rick Rack Sekai

Photos by: shinz696


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