Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Ario Washimiya.

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“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015
~With Draft King, Okuru Kotoba will reach the entire country”

Ario Washimiya Store, thank you very much!

We were able to play on a wide stage near a super market.

Yesterday people of all ages saw us play “Okuru Kotoba”, so I was really happy.
On the bass side all the little kids were cute.

The sound of everyone’s claps was really warm.
Thank you.

Today we are going to the Chiba area!

Seibu Funabashi Store 13:00 ~
Tsudanuma Store16:00~

The weather has also improved for our departure on Sunday.
By all means, please come and listen to our music.


Yesterday we went to see SCANDAL’s live at the Tokyo International Forum.

It was really cool!

I was happy that I could see SCA-chan after such a long time.
Everyone was great as usual.
I’ll do my best so we can play together again.


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