Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Kawasaki Store, Yokohama VIVRE Store.

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Today we attacked Shinagawa Prefecture.

“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015
~With Draft King, Okuru Kotoba will reach the entire country~”


Everyone from Tower Records Kawasaki, thank you very much!

Thank you to everyone who gathered from midday!

During the in-store lives because the distance and field of vision is so close, I begin to smile when I meet everyone’s eyes.
I received your happiness!


Everyone from Tower Records Yokohama VIVRE, thank you very much!

I was happy that so many people came.
All the people who saw us for the first time and also those for who that wasn’t the case, thank you for the nice clap along.

Everyone clapping along got our spirits up.
It was fun.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to Utsunomiya!
Our second Utsunomiya.
Im looking forward to it!


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