Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Stories of dreams.

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The weather is great but,
The pollen is tough and I’m endlessly blowing my nose, so much that its not cute.

Please fly away quickly pollen.

Yes, today I have a favor to ask of everyone.

We are having a large gathering of e-mail for
Draft King’s regular radio program on Tuesday that is starting from April on FM FUJI “Music Spice!” !!!

April and May’s theme is “Stories of Dreams”

Stories of dreams when you were sleeping,
stories of dreams for the future,
big dreams, small dreams,
Stupid stories of dream too,

If it has something to do with dreams then its OK!

Send them to


Ill be waiting!!

Lives added!

5/10 (Sunday) Shibuya o-crest
Draft King / Tancobuchin / Potali / and more
OPEN: 18:00 / START: 18:30

Its the day after the in-store tour final but a fun live has been added!
It will be Draft King’s first o-crest [live].


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