Thursday, February 22, 2018
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3/22 Hiroshima MUSIC CUBE 15.

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Everyone who came to Hiroshima MUSIC CUBE 15, thank you!

It’s been approximately 1 year since we’ve done a live at Hiroshima.
MAO’s hometown, Hiroshima.
I’m happy we were able to come after such a long time.

We also went to the Tower Records Hiroshima Store.

We were able to sign a big pane; at MUSIC CUBE.

Next month, 4/4 (Saturday) at 17:00~
We’ll be coming back to the Tower Records Hiroshima Store to play an in-store live!
Wait for us!

During the nighttime in Hiroshima, my beloved barbecue

The mayoukii was delicious!

and after that,
a BIG hot cake♡

I ate it all.

I like Hiroshima~ Ill come again.


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