Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Ario Mall Soga Store.

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“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015″
~With Draft King, Words to Send will Reach the Whole Country~”


Thank you Ario Mall Soga Store!

This time, we didn’t play inside the Tower Records store but we were able to play in the Ario Mall Soga Sun Court Plaza.

I was happy that people who were there to shop and visit stopped to looked too.
We were able to meet people we wouldn’t meet at the in-store or live houses to so it was fun.

I’d be happy if I met some of the people from the in-store lives at our live house lives.

Come to our 5/9 Tour Final.

Now, tomorrow we’ll be going to Hiroshima for the first time in a while!


Draft King is ,
at Hiroshima Back Beat on 15:15~!

Let’s all have some fun at MUSIC CUBE!!


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