Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Ride the airwaves.

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We had rehearsal during the middle of the day and,

at night all of the members were able to make a live radio appearance.

Lately, we’ve been divided into pairs for our radio appearances a lot so,
having everyone together was pretty lively. Lol

The feeling of tension that a live broadcast creates is fun.

On our way to Radio Nippon, we immediately saw the Tokyo Tower close by!

Country bumpkins who freak out when they see the Tokyo Tower, that’s Draft King. Lol

Thank you for the many messages on NACK 5 Onitama!

So many is just a few minutes! Amazing!

The radio people didn’t give up and read them all for us.
Everyone was so interesting.
Thank you.

Through the radio Draft King’s music reaches various people, even if just a few like it then I’m happy.
Whatever occasion is good.
There is meaning in meetings!


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