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3/12 Daikanyama LOOP.

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It’s late but, thank you to everyone who came to Daikanyama LOOP!

Even though it was a weekday, a lot of people came.

Today is,
a 3 man live with
Draft King x Chelsy × Inoue Sonoko-chan!

We’ve played together many times and we get along with everyone well but it was the first time we played together in the 3 man format so it was pretty intense.

It was really fun!!

At yesterday’s live, there was a moment that everyone went like “Guahhh!” with excitement.

I thought that all of our guests energy was amazing, and that I didn’t want to lose.

Lives are the best after all.

Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful live!

Backstage as well, it was pretty bustling and interesting like a girls’ high school.


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