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2/28 GIRLS ROCK SPLASH!! @Zepp Tokyo.

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Zepp Tokyo thank you!!

Zepp’s stage felt great.
It was the best. I was excited.

“A big stage suits you”
Being told that honestly makes me very happy.
I want us to become a band that can stand on bigger stages.

With everyone from Gacharic Spin!

I was so happy we could play together for the first time in a while.

Whenever I see KOGA-chan’s bass I go numb..♡

Yes, and the Tower Records In-store Tour starts from tomorrow!

Tomorrow is at the Sendai Parco Store at17:00~!
Come and see us!

And tomorrow before that,
3/1(Sunday) Radio Fukushima 10:00~13:00
「Tezuka and Nakko’s Sunday “Egg→KING”」

We’ll be doing a complete 3 hour live broadcast!

And! A happy announcement!

“Words to Send” has been chosen as the March ending song for TBS “Leave it to Akko!”!!!!

Waaaaah! So happy!!
It will be airing tomorrow without delay!
Everyone check it out!



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