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Talk about the MV.

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“Words to Send” MV

The teddy bear that is on the MV,
Is actually the teddy bear that Torii-san uses in her material.
Also, Torii-san put a crown mark on the teddy bear she made herself for us.
The attention to detail makes me happy.

The story proceeds through the teddy bear’s field of vision.
In the video you can casually see the teddy bear’s foot but,
It was shot with the camera fixed on the teddy bear.

Like this. Do you see it?
(I feel bad for it since it was upside down but the teddy bear worked hard for us too.)

At filming,
I was interested with one of the child actor’s acting and
Torii Miyuki-san’s serious directing was great, so much that you wouldn’t think it was her first time.

In the short span of 4 minutes, you’re made to think various things and
There were some things that linked to how I used to be a long time ago, the more I see it the more it pierces deeper.
The first time I saw the finished product, I began to cry without realizing it.

I don’t get to many opportunities to do acting scenes normally so I was nervous.

Because it was a female high schooler role. Lol

(Do I still pull it off at 25years old? Lol)

I looked for a uniform outfit myself for this day.
Picking a uniform was fun. Lol

Drawing attention to my female high schooler figure,, Lol

A really great work was made so watch it many, many times please!

“Words to Send” MV

Thank you very much Torii Miyuki-san!


My Twitter followers have broken through 10,000, thank you!

So happy.
I’ll post a lot from now on too!
Take care of us.


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