Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Preparations to Send.

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Today everyone signed more of the Tower Records special present “Draft King’s 2nd Tin Button Badge”.

Each and everyone of them is packed with love.

People who say “There isn’t a Tower Records close to where I live”, you can get the present by preordering online to so don’t worry.
The amount is limited so do it quickly.
Pre-orders are under way!

And, today we had an interview with WHAT’S IN.

WHAT’S IN has always been a magazine that’s taken care of us since the ‘Pony Era so,
I’m really happy we could be interviewed by them as Draft King.

I’m moved I was able to meet someone at work that has taken care of me.

Let’s work harder and harder!


“Okuru Kotoba” is being played in ABC Marts all over the country!!

When I find an ABC Mart I always unconsciously go in.
I always do a sneaker check on the new products.
If “Okuru Kotoba” is playing then I stay longer.

I want some sneakers!


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