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MV revealed! Countrywide in-store tour decided!

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Good Morning!

Draft King
Okuru Kotoba MV

has been released!

Torii Miyuki-san took charge of directing it for us.

It’s a deep work that will make you feel something in your heart the more you watch it.
It turned out to be a wonderful MV.

Watch it a lot ok?!!

It played on Mezamashi TV!

And it was published in Sanspo too!


“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015
~With Draft King, our words to send will reach the entire country~”

A countrywide in-store tour decided!!!
With 23 locations, we’ll be going to various places.

~ Dates ~
3/7(Saturday) Ario Kawaguchi Store 14:00
3/8 (Sunday) Hachioji Store 14:00
3/14(Saturday) Odawara Store 14:00 Nagoya Kintetsu Passe Store 19:00
3/15(Sunday) Shizuoka Store 14:00
3/21(Saturday) Ario Mall Soga Store 16:00
3/28(Saturday) Chiba Store 13:00
3/29(Sunday) Kawasaki Store 13:00 Yokohama Store 16:00
4/4(Saturday) Ario Kurashiki Store 13:00 Hiroshima Store 17:00
4/5(Sunday) Namba Store 14:00
4/11(Saturday) Ario Saginomiya Store 14:00
4/12(Sunday) Seibu Funabashi Store 13:00 Tsudanuma Store 16:00
4/18(Saturday) AMU Plaza Hakata Store 17:00
4/19(Sunday) Kashiihama Store 12:30 Wakamatsu Store 16:30
4/25(Saturday) Kobe Store 13:00 Akashi Store 16:00
4/26(Sunday) Kyoto Store 13:00 Oosetsu Store 16:00
5/9(Saturday) FINAL Tower Records Shibuya Store B1F “CUTUP STUDIO” 15:00

Countrywide In-store Tour detials

We’re coming to send them to your side!
Please come and see us where ever it’s close to you!


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