Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Get in Advance.

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Have you already heard them?

“Okuru Kotoba”
It is now under early distribution!

I want you to please hear the early distribution exclusive “Okuru Kotoba ~ rock version ~” too!

Truthfully we’ve played this rock ver. a few times at lives.
Hearing the rock ver. at lives might be rare.
I wonder when we’ll play it at lives again?
Or maybe we wont play it at all? Lol

If everyone asks for it enough we might play it.
(That’s my selfish declaration so please don’t get your hopes up. Lo)

The arrangement and of course the singing style is different and fun so listen to them and compare them!

Download it and memorize it so we can sing it together please.



Tomorrow we will be going to Nishikawaguchi in Saitama Prefecture!

I’m looking forward to the continuation from last week at Saitama.

Our appearance is at about 21:00~.
It’s at a late time so you’ll make it on time!
Come to have a good time.


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