Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Meat Day.

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Heading towards tomorrow’s live, we had rehearsal today.

All the members but me were practicing the chorus.

(The documentary camera was in today as well~)

In the afternoon, we recorded a lot of country-wide comments.

It would be great if it reaches your town.

After that,
We were interviewed by Deview.

I got some early Valentine’s chocolate♡
So cute. I’m happy.

“Okuru Kotoba” [Words to Send] I want to send them to a lot of people.

After work,
Today is 2/9 (Meat Day)!
So we all went out for Shabushabu.

It had been a while since all of us took our time eating so it a flower bloomed in our girl talk~.
It was fun!

Now, tomorrow we’re going to Kashiwa in Chiba prefecture!

Bands I’m looking forward to playing with.
Let’s enjoy ourselves together with Draft King tomorrow as well!


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