Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Thank you!

We cleared the mission of taking a commemorative picture with Mito Koumon-sama!

It was Draft King’s first Ibaraki live.
It was a really fun time.
I was happy we were able to clap and wave our hands together.
We’ll come and visit again.

That said, last night was the tour finale of the SPACE AGE ROCKS TOUR 2015-winter- which went to Utsunomiya, Chiba, and Mito that Draft King was allowed to participate in.

We became good friends with everyone from GOODWARP and NECOKICKS so it was fun.
It’d be great if we could play together again somewhere.

Spekaing of Mito, natto!

I bought them as a souvenir.
Natto LOVE.


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