Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Special Interview.

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Tonight a Draft King special interview will be aired on Space Shower TV!

The TV recording I was talking about the other time was this interview.

Draft King’s first appearance at Space Shower.

Those who can watch Space Shower TV, please watch!!

「Space Shower TV | Show・Ranking – Secret Music Information Agency MI6 」
1/15(Thursday) 22:00~23:00
1/25(Sunday) 18:00~、February repeats planned
Space Shower TV

And, March lives have been added!

3/12 (Thursday) Daikanyama LOOP
essence ~ Draft King × Chelsy × Inoue Sonoko~
Time:OPEN:18:00 START:18:30

A three man live with Draft King, Chelsy, and Inoue Sonoko!
Super hot isn’t it?!

Look forward to this a lot!!


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