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Looking back on the last 365 days, I couldn’t sleep last night.

A lot of things happened this year as well.
I think it was a year of great evolution and growth for Draft King
So much that I can stick out my chest.
It was that kind of year.

The first half of the year heading towards the one man at QUATTRO was frantic.

It seems like it is something from a far off past but it did happen this year.
It was a big challenge to Draft King at the time.

When we announced the QUATTRO one man,
everyone was surprised,
and I’m sure there were a lot of people who thought it was unreasonable.

Even I got a bit faint-hearted.
But, we had decided, to challenge it with all we could do.

No matter what, if you try you can do it.
It became a day with such confidence stuck to it.

I’m really glad we had the QUATTRO one man.

We recorded our first MV,

We released a CD that said
“This confident Draft King!”

We did a lot of lives,
and met a lot of people.

We also wore various outfits as you can see.

There were days we chattered around 4 live houses in the countryside.

I was also happy because of our first television appearance.

During Fall we decided on an agency, and the amount of people who I feel gratitude towards increased, reassuringly.

After Draft King formed, we really started from zero
and we had to do everything ourselves, experiencing plenty of obvious and not so obvious things.

No matter what,
because everyone is here,
and I have a dream I want to come true,
I’ll do my best without end.

Our one man at Draft King’s starting point, Shibuya eggman SOLD OUT.
I was really happy.

We can still move forward.
Our dream has grown bigger.

Let’s all get bigger together.
Next year, and forever from now on.

It’s impossible to summarize this year in one blog entry. Lol

Sorry it got long.

Everyone who was involved with Draft King in 2014,
truly, thank you very much.

Next year Draft King will be more fun.
Take care of us next year too.

So then, have a good year.


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