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12/17 One man LIVE ~mission ZERO~

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It’s a bit late but,,,

Thank you to everyone who came to

Draft King’s one man LIVE ~mission ZERO~ @shibuya eggman!

Thanks to everyone, we were splendidly SOLD OUT!
mission ZERO was a huge success!

I was able to see the greatest scenery at my favorite place with my favorite people.
Everyone had great faces on.

Everyone really always takes care of us at eggman, its a special live house.
When Draft King become bigger, I want to come back to eggman to do something fun.

Draft King will become a band they can boast of.

From here on out let’s all set out on Draft King’s story together!

And, we announce it during the MC but,
We’ve cover Kaientai’s “Okuru Kotoba [Words to Send]” and a release next year has been decided!

I still cant give any details but, we are considering various things, so look forward to it!
This song is an opportunity for Draft King’s music to reach everyone again.

Our special guest Sugi-chan!
He’s a wildly great person as I thought.

Draft King will wildly go at it too so as not to lose to Sugi-chan!

We received big flowers from our senior becky!!
So happy. I want to meet with her again♡

Thank you to TBS monitoring, FM802, and various fans for their many flowers!

All the love we received from many people makes Draft King happy.
Thank you for the snacks and presents too.
We properly received all of them.

Draft King is only getting started!
We’ll be going at extreme speed so come along and don’t get left behind.


The customary event at every eggman one man.
Helping with the mopping!

Even though I got told by the eggman staff “Nohana-san, you really suck so stop!”~. Lol
I might be quite the annoyance but it was me repaying the debt so forgive my ok? lol

I got my beloved prize at the after party!
A big parfait♡!!

The live and the after party in one day, it was a really happy day.

And they lived happily ever after.

A lot of live information has been updated!
Please check!


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