Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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NEW Goods Introduction.

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We will be selling NEW goods starting on the one man on the 17th!

Jacquard Towel ¥1,800

The jacquard towel I’ve alllllways wanted to make!
It simply stands out!
It really projects Draft King colors at a live!
Imagining the scenery of everyone waving this towel around together makes me really look forward to it!

On the side it has,
the letters for WARNING.
It’s a warning because Draft King lives get too wild!
There is also a giraffe. Lol

Rubber bands ¥500 each

The long awaited rubber bands!
This is the one I’ve received the most requests from everyone for.
Going to a live wearing one of these will really raise your spirits!

Any of the 3 colors are cute!
Get your spirits up raising your fists while wearing the rubber band at the live!

T-Shirts ¥2,500 each


The Draft Giraffe is able to wear it stylishly!

Tote bag ¥1,000
Badge set ¥500
Sticker ¥300
CD ¥1,200

Really popular
Draft King Gacha Gacha ¥300

And those who buy more than 3,000 ten of Draft King goods,
will get a NEW Draft King poster present!

This is cool you know!

The day of the live, sale of goods will begin first around 17:00!

By all means, please get some before the live,
equip the Draft King goods,
and attend the live with them please!


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