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Say Hello to: SHISHAMO

Are you looking for a band with a hard hitting, uplifting rock sound and a mixture of soft mellow blues, topped up with an incredibly sweet voice? Then SHISHAMO is the band for you!

logoSHISHAMO is a 3-piece Japanese girl band that was formed by high school students in their Light Music Club. The first formation consisted of Miyazaki Asako (Guitars, Vocals), Matsumoto Aya (Bass) and Yoshikawa Misaki (Drums). The trio first participated in the TEENS ROCK IN HITACHINAKA 2012 Music Competition and with such a great performance they won the awards for Outstanding Performance and Best Vocal. While they were still in school SHISHAMO independently released a Demo CD titled, “Shukadai ga Owaranai” (Homework Won’t End). A very fitting title might I say.

After building up a good reputation through various Live shows and events, they released their Album “Sotsugyou Seisaku ” (Graduation Production) to mark their conclusion of their high school lives. The album release was accompanied by a country-wide tour named “Graduation Trip”.

Find out more in their Biography.

Later that same year their self-titled album “SHISHAMO” was released with 11 brand new songs as well as 3 Music Videos.

The album has a great variety of sounds ranging from upbeat/uplifting rock, “Boku Ni Kanojo Ga Dekitanda”

to soft mellow blues, “Gatan Goton”

and laid back rock, “Ikitakunai”

Earlier this year the trio released their first single “Kimi to Natsu Fes” to mark the beginning of of the Summer Festival Season. The single consisted of 3 new songs all written by Asako with a song with lyrics by Aya. The single was a great hit among fans of all generations of music lovers.

“Kimi to Natsu Fes”

However, on the 11th of September this year they announced a change of bassist, Matsumoto Aya’s role was filled by Matsuoka Aya forming the current lineup:

Miyazaki AsakoMatsuoka AyaYoshikawa Misaki

After settling in with their new lineup, they released their second single “Ryousangata Kareshi” with 3 new tracks.

Ryousangata Kareshi

Which brings us up to date with all of SHISHAMO’s Discography!

What did you think of them? Which is your favorite Music Video out of the 5 shown? Cast your vote in the poll below. If you like this band, you can find out more in our currently developing SHISHAMO section. You can even join the discussion in the Forum or check out their official website.


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