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11/30GIRLS ROCK SPLASH!!@eggman

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Everyone who came to Shibuya eggman, thank you!!

It was an event filled with girls so it was super exciting and fun!

We’re put together as girl bands but everyone is completely different.
I think that lately the number of girl bands has increased but,
The more I look the more I see different individualities, tastes, and appeal; Girl bands are really profound.

Girls are strong!

Draft King × Ganbare! Victory

At 19 years old, they are young and powerful!
Saga accent is cute♡

I wanted to take a picture with everyone else but I couldn’t in all the commotion..

It was the last live before the one man so,
I know that everyone is getting their spirits up going towards the one man.

“Next is the one man!”
I get a lot of power hearing those words.
The fact that everyone is looking forward to it makes us really happy and excited.

Show me your best smiles at Shibuya eggman on 12/17.

Those who are still considering it, hurry up!

I’ll be waiting!


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