Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Bam bam baam.

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Today was band rehearsal and,

A “Live B♪” meeting at TBS.

I’m excited to see what kind of talk it’ll become.
But first I’m looking forward to the recording.

Speaking of TBS,
When I went to Akasaka Sacas
After target practice, we had a challenge!

MAO’s camera was shaking..

If you hit 3 out of 3 you’d get a prize,


MAO and Erica also tried.


No one succeeded. Lol

But, I hit 2!
I surprised myself. Lol

Tomorrow I’ll have to get up early for rehearsal so,
Today I’ll do my best and go to sleep quickly.

From the next live, I’m thinking of
doing various new things like arranging so
we’ll play as together many times!

Alright then, later.


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